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The car is not the dining room table

Another morning of driving in commuter traffic. The battery in Terry’s car gave up the ghost over the weekend and today was the first day we could get it into the shop so I was out in early morning traffic. I’m sure glad I don’t have to drive on those roads so early every morning. Usually 9 or later is my drive time, after the majority of workers have made their trek.

Today, while slowly creeping along a busy thoroughfare, I see the driver behind me tipping a bowl up to her face, like she’s drinking soup. I guess it must have been milk from her cereal. A little farther down the road and she’s using a spoon to get the remainder of the solids out of the bowl. I could only shake my head.

I had gotten up at my usual time of 6, had breakfast, read the newspaper, put on my makeup and dressed, and was still on the road shortly after 7:30. Oh, and I did my exercises. I wouldn’t think of eating cereal (or soup) in my car because I can be sloppy and would have spilled it all over my lap. What happens if you have to stop quickly, or make a fast lane change, or turn? I would be a mess by the time I got to work.

Maybe a dry cereal that I could eat out of a bag that I held in my lap. Maybe a cup of coffee or tea that I could put in my cupholder. Probably not, though. Eating and driving just don’t go together in my book. I would rather eat at the dining room table and drive my car without distractions. Gosh, the bad drivers are enough to keep me on alert.