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Why I don’t order online

Browsing through a store, looking at all that is offered, is my preferred way of shopping. Especially if I am not crystal clear on what I want. If I know exactly what I want, then I want to walk into a store, see the product, buy it, and leave. It’s also when I know exactly what I want, like a certain book title, that I’m more willing to shop online. Even with the book, though, roaming through a bookstore, finding other titles, makes me happy. It’s not easy to shop this way when doing it online.

Recently I realized that the rugs by the back door and in the kitchen need to be replaced. I bought them when we had the apartment in San Francisco, and I’ve certainly gotten good use of them. They are ready to be replaced. No sooner had I voiced that need, did Target send me an email for a sale on rugs. I know that my phone listens to me and sends messages to the various places I shop. This has happened before.

I glanced through the rugs. Terry took some measurements for me. I found one that would match the gold appliances in my vintage kitchen. It was fairly inexpensive, too, and because I am a Red Card member, I get free shipping. It looked to be the deal for me. Until…I clicked on buying it and found out I cannot get in any of the local stores (that’s okay, just send it to me), nor is it in stock to ship to me. WHAT?? All that fitzing and futzing only to be told, can’t have it.

This is why I don’t shop online. All those pages of scrambling back and forth. Picking the color, the size, the quantity. Then getting to the checkout only to find, it’s not available. I’ve had this happen with Talbots, too. And these are stores I like. Imagine how I would feel about ordering online from stores I don’t know. And don’t mention Amazon. I’m not getting sucked into that craziness. I’ll just wait until I go to a nearby brick and mortar and look at the rugs they have on the shelves.