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Deadline is today? Ok, now I’ll work.

Why do students only begin to work when the deadline arrives?  Yearbook had winter sports due today.  Cheer and wrestling got their pages done and I made the submission and burned the CDs.  That’s my part of the job–submission.  Soccer and basketball weren’t able to finish theirs until after I was ready to ship the other pages.  They got mad at me because  I wouldn’t hang around and work on their timetable.

Same thing happened in multimedia.  The students had a brochure PDF due to give me.  Many have been right on top of this assignment, giving me pages to print so they can see how they are doing and what color and font adjustments they need to make.  Others got around to working today and then couldn’t understand why they couldn’t find clip art to fit the pages. Then there are the students who never bring their flash drive to class and want me to give them more time.

Our principal always speaks at the Academy graduation and he will mention that fact that students learn from Mrs. Zody that a deadline is a deadline is a deadline.  Well, some of them learn that.