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It’s been 10 years

In 1996 my daughter graduated from high school and went to another state to attend college.  I knew this was coming and that I would having a problem filling the void in my life.  So I volunteered to sponsor the class of 2000.

As a class sponsor, you get these kids when they are freshmen and usher them through their high school years, doing all the social things that are required, like homecoming, dances, and finally, graduation.  There is no extra pay, no budget, and just lots and lots of responsibility.  As you can guess, there is no line of people chomping at the bit to do this job.

For four years I rounded up kids to run for office, held meetings, built homecoming floats, planned dances, ordered t-shirts, and finally, in 2000, walked with them on the stage at graduation.  Whew, I was done.  I had lots of memories and a file cabinet full of minutes, receipts, and photo albums.

As I ‘m cleaning out file cabinets in planning my leave, I find all these Class of 2000 memorabilia and wonder what to do with it.  This is their 10 year reunion year, should they decide to have one.  One of my very best workers now works at Target and she often fills me in on what other class members are doing.  She wants to plan a reunion, and if anyone can pull it off, it’s this girl.  She worked every dance and planned baccalaureate.  She is an organizer at heart.

This morning I met her at work and handed over one of the big photo albums, the one of the 1999 prom that my kids put on.  Over 600 students attended, and it was a very big success.  My current students often looked at that album and wondered why the dances aren’t as good as back then.  Back then?  Seems like it was just last year.  I know that Desiree will take good care of the album and share it with others.  I told her that there are more pictures and whatnot at school and she is welcome to any of it.

I hope they have a reunion.  I would like to attend and see what they can do now that they are all grown up and don’t need Mrs. Zody to ramrod the whole thing.