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Good timing

Terry eats chips and salsa almost every day of the week. It’s one of his main food groups. Since he has them for lunch on most days that he is home, they are a weekly staple on my grocery list. His favorites are Casa Sanchez brand, mild salsa and thick and crisp tortilla chips. Occasionally I have had to make substitutions if the store didn’t have that brand or another brand was at a much lower price. But, I am careful with what I select. He really is quite the aficionado of chips and salsa.

Today, Terry did the grocery shopping, taking the list I had made and going to our local food retailer, Save Mart. He had almost given up getting his chips as he could not find them anywhere in the store until he noticed that the delivery man he had to move for had boxes with Casa Sanchez written on their sides.

“I think you have just what I’m looking for,” he told the young man, pointing to his boxes.

“Which kind do you like?” He opened that box and pulled out a fresh bag of thick and crisp tortilla chips for Terry. It was indeed good timing.


End of the week wrap-up

All the cooking I’ve done this week has made for a full refrigerator. We’ve got roast beef, beerocks, rigatoni, beef and noodles, broccoli from the csa box, coleslaw, and today I used the tomatoes, chiles, and onions we got in this week’s csa box and made salsa. Finding a place for a bowl of salsa among all the containers was not easy. I sure don’t have to do much cooking the next few days. Oh, there are also ‘doggie’ boxes with Chinese food. We ate out last night even though we had all that food stacked up in the fridge, and the meals were so delicious we decided to take home the leftovers.

The first chaplaincy meeting went well. There are five of us newbies. We are all about the same age, and we have some connections. One lady went to high school with Terry; another is the daughter of a man with whom I’ve attended church for almost 40 years. Two of the fellas went to the same high school. There will be a breakfast meeting next week where we will meet all of the returning chaplains, 15 of them,  and learn more about what we will be doing. We do not have our school assignments yet and will spend September visiting and observing the veteran chaplains. One of the returning chaplains is 86 years old. Gives me great hope that I may be able to continue this for a few years.

I was concerned about the time commitment for the chaplaincy work as I have my other organizations, too, for whom I plan to keep working. Depending on the school and the number of first grade classrooms, I can work one or two days. I will be reading a story to each first grade class once a week and working on building resiliency in the first graders. There is a very detailed curriculum to do this. Most of the chaplains do cafeteria duty and playground duty afterwards just to be with the kids more. They are also encouraged to attend school carnivals, open house, and other programs.

Although there will be 20 schools onboard this year, there are more who would like to have a chaplain on campus. The problem is finding the volunteers to do this. The application process is very lengthy and involved. There are at least two face-to-face interviews, a 29-page application to fill out that asks all sorts of questions about one’s history, an intense background check, along with credit report, dmv record, and school transcript check. Many people cannot pass the background check. I really hadn’t thought about how squeaky clean my past was until I did this.


Summer eats

Although it’s been awhile since I’ve posted about making juice, I’m still doing that. I usually make juice for us 3-4 times a week. Today’s ingredients:


We have wonderful produce so am trying some new recipes. I made apricot salsa:


And today I used a recipe for watermelon gazpacho but changed it to watermelon salad since I only had about 4 cups of watermelon.


The weather is warm and the eating is cool.




Salsa and chips. Made fresh this morning.

Salsa season at the Zody’s

I love cilantro, which is good because my hands reek of it right now. Terry and I love cilantro in Mexican food, and I couldn’t conceive of a salsa without it.

Yesterday and today I made salsa. One is a peach salsa, to use some of those rock hard peaches from my CSA box. They work very well when combined with onions, peppers, and cilantro. Nice crisp bite that went well with baked chicken and noodles. Today I used some grape tomatoes and made a red salsa to go along with a fajita-like steak dish I am fixing for dinner. This one has more fire because I threw in the seeds from the Fresno peppers. (I like Fresno peppers better than jalapeno because I like red better than green.)

As you can see, I have enough cilantro to make many more batches. For some reason, Whole Foods sells their cilantro in these huge bunches.

More cooking with peaches

I found a few recipes for peach salsa that sounded like something I would like, and even though the one I finally chose made 4 pints, I cut it down and just made one jar.  If I make it again, I would add more sweetener.  The recipe called for a small amount of honey, but I think it would work well with agave nectar.

I started with these ingredients:IMGP2644

We had the finished product with turkey for dinner:

IMGP2646I highly recommend that red pepper, called a Fresno pepper.  It’s hotter than jalapeno, and it works well with red and yellow salsas.