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I thought it was going to be a better day

We awoke to rain, again. Although I grumble about the rain and cloudy weather, it does seem to clear the pollen out of the air for awhile. Finally, this morning, I felt well enough to attempt a foray into polite society. I ran errands. In the rain. The pouring rain.

My first stop was the dry cleaners where I chatted with the proprietor. Such a lovely gentleman. Because it was pouring, and I had a large bundle to carry to my car, he tried to help me by either carrying it or giving an umbrella. I declined both offers as I wear a jacket with a hood when it rains and don’t futz with an umbrella. I didn’t want him to get wet as he was steadily working on ironing when I walked in on him. He could stay warm and dry.

I stopped to put gas in my car. All under an awning but no one to talk to. It went quickly as I only needed 6 gallons. The price of gas had dropped 2 cents! $2.77 a gallon. The governor just signed legislation to raise gas tax an additional 12 cents a gallon beginning November 1. The money is earmarked to fix California’s crumbling infrastructure. It is crumbling. Our roads are a mess. Bridges are just barely hanging in there. I don’t mind paying the additional money as long as it gets spent on these projects.

On to Whole Foods, sucking on a throat lozenge but not coughing. I chatted with the meat counter fellow even though I didn’t buy any meat. He is just such a nice man. We talked about the jazz being played on the sound system. The man in front of me at the check-out had boxes and boxes of cookies. We talked about overdoing it when buying junk food. His purchase made me feel better about my selections of cookies, a slice of cake, and ice cream sandwiches. The cashier and I had a lovely conversation about all sorts of things as she ran all my items through the electronic reader. She is one of my favorite cashiers. So upbeat and positive. We always have a good laugh.

It was only sprinkling by the time I loaded those groceries in the car and headed home. I was surviving. Then it all changed. I made sandwiches for lunch and had to stop numerous times to go in the bathroom and cough. A cup of hot water sipped slowly helped ease the tickle. We ate our sandwiches and I perused Twitter where I discovered that the heart of downtown Fresno was in lockdown due to a shooting. A madman had opened fire on innocent people, in three separate locations, all within a matter of minutes. Three dead, but the suspect taken down peacefully by the police.

The man had shot and killed a security guard over the weekend. He claimed to hate white people and was just taking them out when he felt like it. Such mayhem. Families devastated. Terry and I are talking, talking, talking. I’m coughing, coughing, coughing. I had really planned for a better day.