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Trying to find things that make me smile

Today I went shopping.

First stop was the Salvation Army Thriftstore where I found one backpack and one jacket for a child who will need one or both at Columbia.

Next stop was Madewell, a delightful clothing store whose socks were 25% off. I also found a lovely sweater I can wear with my chaplain uniform.

Final stop was a popup shop that carries fair-trade items. I bought the three items you see in the photo and put them together for this door hanger. We all need peace.


Happy feet

During our hot summers, I don’t wear shoes around the house. From morning, till evening, I run around with bare feet. If I go out in the public, it’s either sandals or tennis shoes, but still bare feet.

Summer feet

Come winter, though, that changes. I wear socks around the house and also when I go out, to keep my feet warm. I like soft, colorful socks because it seems that my winter wardrobe has a lot of black and the flash of color from my feet makes me happy. Some days I wear a pair of socks around the house and then change to a different pair when I go out. That adds up to a lot of  socks. The last load of laundry had 11 pairs.

Winter feet

Christmas sox

Christmas sox

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Because I am downsizing and giving away many of my possessions, I do not want any new things in my life. My coworkers know this but they still wanted to give me Christmas presents. They are such sweeties.

One of the gals wrote a note telling me that I was not to give away her gifts on Facebook as I have been doing with some of my stuff. All of the gifts went directly to the apartment and they all fit nicely. One was a pair of fuzzy socks. They sure kept my feet warm this weekend at the apartment, and to show my friend I didn’t give away her gift, I took this picture.

Another gift is a beautiful scarf that I wore out on Saturday afternoon to grocery shop at the Ferry Trade Building. My coworker who gave it to me knew I needed something to brighten up my brown coat. The scarf turned a few heads, or so I thought. Although the scarf would do well back in Fresno, I left it in San Francisco and will wear it there.