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Smart teaching & learning

While running yearbooks around campus, I saw this one day:


clothesline at freshmen academy

clothesline at freshmen academy

At first glance, I thought the students had gone to a swim party, but then realized it was too early in the morning for that.  Later, when I could think, I realized the freshmen have PE first period and the unit is swim.  

In talking with the teacher who set up the clothesline, and who also farms the veggie garden with the kids, I learned that they were coming to his class with bags of wet, sopping clothes that were getting his floor all wet.  At first he set up the clothesline, but now, he said, the kids have taken it upon themselves to put it up and take it down each day.

The kids have learned enough through the gardening project to understand the value of limited resources and what they can do to help.  They chimed in, when the clothesline went up, “we’re doing solar, aren’t we Mr. K?”  This group of ninth graders has come a long way in the past school year.