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Eating lunch with the big kids

On Monday, after running some errands, I went to Columbia to have lunch with the older students. I rarely get to see the older kids as they have lunch while I am reading to the first graders. By the time I finish with the storytelling, the older kids have returned to their classrooms.

I was pleased that they were all so happy to see me. I got lots of high fives, hugs, and smiles. There were many new students, too, who I had not seen before. I asked some if they had been at Columbia last year, and they said no. So, I can still spot a new face. I ate lunch with the fourth graders, the first class of first graders I read to. The discussion was about new puppies and who had dogs and who had cats. Then one of the girls asked if I had a step mom.

“No, do you?”

“No, but he does,” pointing to the boy next to her, a boy who was not at Columbia as a first grader.

“I have a step mom and a step dad,” he answered. “I go to my dad’s on Friday and come back on Monday so I can go to school.”

The girl sitting on the other side, a girl I’ve known since she was in first grade and who always eats her vegetables, told me she also had a step mom and a step dad and she hates it because she has to spend holidays and weekends with her step mom and dad. They aren’t always nice to her. The step mom has children, too.

Such complicated lives for such small children.