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A Saturday like when I was working

You all may remember that I refuse to shop on Saturdays, believing that I should leave room for those who work all week and only have Saturdays on which to shop. Today is an exception. I had to go grocery shopping because we were gone all week and the food supplies in our house are minimal.

Terry said it was okay because I had actually worked all week, not been an old retired lady who could go to the grocery store anytime she wanted to during the week. True. We worked for our daughter all week at Vacation Bible School at her church. Terry does the audio and photography; I do a class where the kids rotate through during the morning. In the afternoons we took care of our grandchildren while our daughter and son-in-law continued to work. By four o’clock each day I was so tired I could hardly see, but I managed. I can do this for one week, beyond that, I’m not too sure how I would do.

But, back to that Saturday grocery shopping…first I had to stop at the storage unit and drop off my large suitcase. I just picked it up a couple of weeks ago, after July 1, with no trouble, but today my code would not work on the gate so I had to go into the office to find out why. The lady at the desk knew I was coming as the key pad a the gate connects to her computer. She told me I hadn’t paid my bill. I told her that I hadn’t received a bill.

“Yes, that’s right, the main office had a glitch and didn’t send the statements. Your rent was due July 1.”

“I’ve had a unit here for almost 20 years. I have never missed a payment. Why should I be punished for something YOUR office neglected to do?”

“I know,” she sheepishly replied. “It’s caused a lot of problems. They did take the penalty off of your bill.”

“Well, I should hope so. Actually, I would hope they would give me a discount for this inconvenience, and you should get a bonus for having to deal with irate customers.

With that, she smiled.  “I can let you in today if you will pay the bill this next week.”

“Yes, I’ll go home and put in the request for the payment as I have my bank send the check. Can you give me a statement?”

“No, I can’t. The main office is still trying to send those, but I can give you a record of your payments from 2017 to April of this year.”

I rolled my eyes, took the printout, and took my suitcase back to my unit. But not before sitting in my car, using my bank’s phone app, and setting up the payment to be sent to the storage facility. I still think I deserve a discount!

No auction parking

My neighbor needed a ride to pick up her car that was again in the shop. Although her car is not as old as Terry’s 1991 Mazda, it has serious mechanical issues that keep it from optimal performance. Terry’s car may be old, but he takes very good care of it, making sure every need is immediately fixed before driving it any more. The neighbor pushes her car to its limits.

Because the neighbor’s car shop is close to my mini storage, I decided it would be a good time to swing by and pick up the large suitcase I keep there as I would be needing it for an upcoming trip. I really have no space in our tiny house to keep this three foot tall piece of luggage, and there is room in the storage unit so it lives there, except for when it’s in use, hauling around a week’s worth of clothes.

As I pull in to enter my code into the machine that opens the gate, I see signs saying NO AUCTION PARKING. This was one of the days that the company auctions off the contents of units that the renters have abandoned, no longer paying for their extra storage. Fortunately, I have arrived after the event, but not before all the signage is taken down. There are a few trucks in the rows loading up their treasures, but my lane is clear.

Leaving the storage complex, I see more NO PARKING signs on the streets and at other businesses nearby. I wonder, where would I park if I came to this auction? Glimpsing a tree-lined lane, I realize it connects to a neighborhood behind the storage complex. I could park there and walk over. Wouldn’t be too far. All these thoughts about where to park whirling through my head, and then I laugh.

I wouldn’t be coming to such an event. The idea of bidding on other’s abandoned junk is ludicrous to me. I have a storage unit because I don’t have room in our small house for large luggage, Christmas decorations, boxes of journals, extra sleeping bags, books, a folding chair, and during the winter months, all of our fans. I don’t need anyone else’s STUFF.

No parking? No problem!

Completed move

Terry finished the storage unit switch this morning. Took about a half hour. Here are pictures of the new unit with all the boxes in their place.

 And covered with the clean sheets.
Amazing what one small chore has wrought.


We’ve all done it. A small chore that turns into a big project? You’ve probably found yourself in this predicament many a time. I have, and today was just such a time.

It’s starting to rain here. That is a good thing. I have to move things around on the patio, because if we get the gullywashers they’ve forecast, then the patio may get wet. That means the wicker chairs need to go back to the storage unit. And since I bought pillows for them this year, those too need to go to storage. So I bagged the pillows, reconfigured the Subaru for hauling purposes, and loaded chairs and sack of pillows into the back and headed to the storage unit, a short distance from our house.

Yes, we’ve had rain. Yes, it’s cooled off. Today, though, it is warm, and especially when the sun is beating down on a south facing storage unit that is surrounded by concrete, it is downright hot. I grumbled and mumbled, again, as I wrested the chairs from the car, got them into place in the small building and recovered everything with the dusty covers that are supposed to keep the dust off of the items in the unit. It was hot and I was sweating. Why do we have a unit facing the south that gets so hot? Why can’t I have a north facing storage unit? That is the question that made the chore into a big project.

I stopped at the office and asked about a similar size unit but facing north. The office lady gave me some numbers to go look at, and sure enough one of them faced north. It was right across the roadway from my current storage unit. I went back and told her I’d take that one. Took her awhile to figure out what I wanted. I just want to switch units. Until everything is moved out, though, I have to pay for two units. Seems fair.

She asked if I had a truck for moving. No, I don’t need a truck. Oh, yeah, you have the Subaru. No, I don’t need that either. I don’t have much heavy stuff and the units are close. After I signed all the paperwork and paid for the new unit, I decided to drive back in and get all those dusty covers to take home and launder before moving. As I arrived back at the original unit, here came the office lady in her golf cart to put on the new lock for which I already had the keys.

Seeing the location of the two units, she laughed. “Oh, this really is easy-peasy, isn’t it?” Yes it is.

Since I had both units open now, I thought, what the heck, I might as well start moving some of the stuff from the old to the new. I took off all of the covers, threw them in the back of the Subaru. Also tossed in a printer box that was just taking up space. It’s the box we used to cart the printer we got for the San Francisco apartment. Since we aren’t planning to go back, we’ll not be needing that box. There is another empty box that contained Terry’s printer monitor, but I’ll let him deal with that.

I carried all the Christmas decorations to the new unit. Took a few trips, back and forth, and even though the distance was short, the temperature was climbing and the sun was blazing. Remember, that was my complaint with that old unit. I was sweating. I was dirty. I was tired. I would leave the rest for Terry to do. The rest being all the boxes of books and journals.

I had texted Terry that I was going to look into getting a different storage unit. His reply? “Smaller, less expensive?” No. All the same size and price.

During my drive home, the text pings started. One of his texts, “I can come help.” Within minutes I was driving into the garage and Terry was meeting me at the back door. “Did you decide to move everything this afternoon?” No, I left plenty for you! I showed him a photo of what remains. All those book boxes are heavy. He will take the clean sheets back to cover the boxes in the new unit.

Returning those chairs to storage sure turned into a bigger job than I had planned for a Sunday afternoon. While washing the sheets, I roasted a turkey that will feed us this next week as I will be working every day at the Historical Society, answering phones, with little time to fix meals.


My teaching partner came over yesterday so I could give her some pointers on how to teach PhotoShop. For the first time ever, she will be teaching one section of multimedia this year and only knows Adobe InDesign, just one piece of the curriculum.

We not only had a good time working on curriculum as we had done for 21 years, but also catching up on our lives. Her mother has come to live with my friend and her husband after my friend’s dad died last fall. They are in the process of cleaning out the old home place with the goal of selling it. It’s not easy as her mother always wanted “extras.”

Extra paper products–so far my friend’s husband has hauled away three pickup truckloads of toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, sanitary napkins. (Her mother is 83) There are probably three more loads in the garage.

Extra food-she found products with expiration dates going back 30 years. Her mother had at least 40 bottles of soy sauce. Every week they haul another garbage can full of expired food to the curb.

Extra clothes–from the 50s and 60s still in their boxes and bags. This was not a habit that started in old age.

As I previously wrote, I have been purging items from our house for a few years now. I also have not been buying any EXTRAS. The other day, while shopping at Target for some items that had completely run out, my husband mentioned we no longer had a back-up box of dishwasher detergent.

“We don’t need a back-up. When we run out, or close to using the last, I can easily go to the store and get more. I have lots of time now to do that.”

In other words, let the store keep the extras. I think that’s their job. We live in a small house that does not have room for storage. Like my teaching buddy and I were saying, we both have two-car garages in which we park TWO cars. That’s the job of a garage, not to be a storage unit. Nor should my bedrooms be storing stuff I might use someday.

So, how about you, dear Reader, do you keep extras? Do you park your cars in the garage? Do you have a room that is used for storage?

Christmas lights have been put away

Christmas lights

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This picture was taken last week, actually the last night we had the tree up. I took everything down and put it in the big bins to go back to storage when we returned from San Francisco, which we now have.

I have been ultra lazy this morning, catching up on other blogs and doing a few loads of laundry. It is pure luxury to be so lazy.

You will notice a few new blogs over there on the blogroll. I found two ladies who have recently moved into apartments in New York City and are writing about it. It will be interesting to read about their adventures as we continue our own.

I am heading for the storage unit this afternoon to return the Christmas bins and a few other items that I don’t think I need around here. Tomorrow I am going to be brave and head to some big box stores. If I live to tell about it, I will return and write more.