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A taxing time (not really)

When we were newlyweds, I worked with a woman who recommended a tax preparer who would come to our home to do our taxes. She had gotten his name from some people in our building whom she trusted and she was very pleased with the work Clyde did for her. We too found him to be very trustworthy and a well educated tax preparer. For almost 30 years Clyde would come to our home, take our paperwork and put it all together into both state and federal tax returns. He had one of the first laptop computers we ever saw that he used in his business. He was reluctant to take any deduction that he thought might be questioned by the IRS. We trusted his advice and all was well for nearly 3 decades.

Then, one year when I tried to call Clyde to set up our appointment, I got a message saying the phone had been disconnected. I could no longer contact him and was very unsure of what to do. No one else had ever done our taxes. Somewhere along the line I had met, online, a woman in San Francisco who did taxes. I voiced my lament in the forum we belonged to, and she offered to do my taxes. Just mail the paperwork to her and she would take care of it. So, for the last 3 years that is exactly what I do, and she does an excellent job. My refunds just hit my checking account today and I had hardly thought about the preparation. Just like those 30 years with Clyde, just a few miles farther away. My own kind of outsourcing.

As for the guy who had done our taxes so meticulously all those years, he was sent to prison for running an investment scam. I could hardly believe that someone who wouldn’t let me take a questionable deduction would do something like that.

Mid winter and the deadlines are here; care to dance?

It’s the time of year when everything needs to be done.  Yearbook deadlines are looming and my students are not getting pages done as quickly as needed.  Registration for next year’s classes is right around the corner so I am hurrying to recruit new students for our program.  For two days now my partner in crime, uh, education, and I have done a song and dance to entice freshmen to sign up for classes they will take the next three years.  Receipts for taxes are arriving almost daily and I know I will soon have to put it all together for our wonderful tax accountant.  The Winter Formal is on Saturday.  Do I wear an old outfit or try to find something new?  With all I have to do, and the forecast for rain that night, I think I’ll pull an old outfit out of the closet and dance my way into the evening.