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Teachers and district have an agreement

While at Columbia last week, word came that the teacher’s union and Fresno Unified School District had come to an agreement and there would be no strike. A collective sigh of relief went through the campus, and later I learned, across the city.

Here is the agreement that teachers will vote on in a week or so:

If I was still employed by the district, I would certainly vote YES.


Hug a teacher

It looks like the teachers in Fresno will go on strike in the next couple of weeks. Negotiations are not going well. It’s not so much about wages and benefits as it is about smaller class size and better discipline measures. The president of the teacher’s union is a friend of mine. I encouraged her to run for the position. She is smart, she is passionate for kids, and she’s a born leader. If she can’t get this settled, then no one can.

Because of these  tensions, and all of the usual school-related stress that comes at the end of each October, teachers are feeling pretty low right now. Every teacher I know is feeling the pain. They are questioning their career choice. When my grandchildren visited two weeks ago, we went to See’s Candy and bought Halloween treats for the teachers and staff at Columbia. The kids even helped load up the goody bags: