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Put a stamp on it

I’m one of those rare throwbacks to another era. A time when people sent letters and cards through the postal service. Although I love technology, and social media is a favorite of mine, I prefer to send special greetings by mail.

To do this, one must buy cards and stationary. I keep a stock of greeting cards at the ready for any occasion. I do need to find a new blank thank you card that makes me happy. Lately I’ve been using blank paper to send those. I also have a large supply of thank you stickers left over from my teaching days. They work nicely to seal the envelope.

Another component that I keep on hand is postage stamps. I usually buy the generic flag stamp as that’s what offered at the grocery store where I can get stamps along with my cereals and produce.

This week I had a stack of Easter cards to mail and really wanted a more “spring-like” stamp for those envelopes. I stopped at a post office, figuring they would have a lovely assortment. They still had Valentine stamps, you know, hearts and love. Not what I had in mind. Then the clerk pulled out these beautiful, very large, Oscar de la Renta designs. Gorgeous colors. Even Mr.
de la Renta was a stamp.

The stamps looked beautiful on my envelopes. I don’t know if the recipients even noticed, or cared, but I was happy.