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Be thankful in all things

We get up in the mornings to smokey air from all of the forest fires burning around us. The high temperatures of the previous day have cooked the air, making it even more heavy with particulants. Anyone with a breathing difficulty, and even those without ,is having trouble breathing. More children are being seen at local hospitals with respiratory issues. Schools have limited outdoor activity and sporting events have been cancelled.

I am saddened when I get up in the mornings by all that is happening, both here and in other parts of our country. For a few hours I’ve slept and dreamed and forgotten about the sadness and the horror that is all around. But morning comes, and with it those blazing orange sunrises that, though quite pretty, are a talisman of the day ahead. I get busy with my morning chores–watering, laundry, feeding the cats.

The daily routines help me to shake some of the sadness I feel. I’m healthy. I have a home. The air conditioning is working well to keep the indoor air cool and clean. There is plenty of good food to eat. Our water is clean. My closets have more clothing than I can wear. I have friends and work that fill my days with joy. My husband supports all that I do and encourages me when I’m feeling low.

I will take each day as it comes, trying not to look ahead, but living in this moment. Enjoying the goodness that is here. The calendar that hangs above my desk has a good reminder for September–be joyful. I will add thankful, and my day already looks better.



The skies are dark with clouds today. I awoke with a bad sinus headache so I know the barometer is shifting. Can we be hopeful for some precipitation on the first day of the new rainy season?  

Even on a dark, cloudy day the place where I do my writing, reading, praying is warm and cheerful. 


Soon I will leave this to drive across town to Columbia. I’m hoping that the office will be calm today. When I arrived yesterday I found a number of kids there, all in some sort of trouble. The office manager and receptionist both needed hugs. They bear the brunt of disruptive students. 

When I went through on my way out yesterday, one second grader was still there, on the naughty bench. His teacher didn’t want him in class and had sent a packet of work for him to do which he did not understand.

 I sat for awhile, attempting to help him. Common Core math is hard. All these boxes and groups of boxes. The receptionist was complaining  about its usefulness, but as I told her, you have to jump through the hoops that the educational bureaucracy puts up. This is just the latest. 

Everyone talks about it…

…but there is nothing we can do about it–the weather.

Here in California we have no rain. Temperatures have been warm for the season. Trees and flowers are blooming, yet there is no idea if water will be available for irrigation during the summer. A summer that may be hotter than usual.

Then, I sit and watch in amazement the national weather news on television. All this cold, all this snow. I cannot even begin to imagine what life in these places must be like. To be so cold for so long. The snow so deep that one cannot open the front door and go outside. No end in sight as another storm is forecast, day after day.

I hate to be cold, and to me, cold is anything below 45 degrees. There are so many who would be thankful if the temperature could be that high. It must take a lot of clothing to stay warm in those kinds of temperatures. Must take a lot of heating fuel, too. Our Pacific Gas & Electric bills increase in the winter because of my dislike of cold. I don’t think we could pay the bill if we lived where it’s really cold.

Now I’m hearing of leaking and collapsing roofs. How do the elderly and handicapped get the snow removed? And beyond the winter storm, how will they get maintenance on limited incomes? All these things bother me, yet what can we do about the weather except talk about it. Just like the cold days, it is depressing.


Feeling the pressure

We had a brief cool-down here. The temperatures were in the 90s for a few days, and then,yesterday, a high ridge of pressure started moving in, and my head was miserable. My sinuses are very small and inflexible so any air pressure change affects them, big-time. My head hurt all day yesterday and no matter what I took, the pressure was not alleviated and the pain continued.

I was able to go to Bible study at the church I’ve been attending for a few months. It’s a mid-morning study, at a time when my brain is functioning well. Even with head pain I was able to contribute to the conversation about forgiveness. The Bible passage was on Jesus’s story about the land owner forgiving his servant’s huge debt but then the servant went and threw his debtor into prison for a much smaller amount. The implication, of course, is that we have been forgiven so much and so God expects us to forgive those who do harm to us. It is a hard concept to wrap one’s head around.

My small grandson will be having a birthday in a few weeks. He called me because we haven’t seen them in awhile and Jen said he had sat by the door all day wondering where Gramma and Gampa were and when were they coming. Oh. I asked him what he wants for his birthday thinking he might like another truck. His sister piped in that he should ask for a tractor. Yeah, a tractor. That would be good. I had a pedal tractor as a child and decided he should have one, too. Yesterday, after Bible study, with my head screaming, I headed out to find such a tractor. They are a Christmas gift thing with supplies arriving around Halloween. Too late. Turning to the Internet, I found this one at Target.com.  It’s on its way as I type this.


Sweet November 17-layered


Photo By AP Photo/Alex Kareote

Although I have lamented no rain for this area of the country this year, I still wouldn’t want to experience the weather happening elsewhere. People always say California is dangerous, what with its earthquakes, but those are seldom and rare, unlike the tornadoes that seem to rip across the midwest every few months. Or the hurricanes that hit the east coast on a regular schedule.

Today an area of Illinois was devastated by a tornado. The photo above shows the many layers of debris from such a destructive force.

This is my 1200th blog post, and my 5th blogging anniversary.

Where is spring?

This is a post I published on Cowbird, and I wanted to share with you:

This morning we toured the Shinzen Japanese Gardens at Woodward Park. As you can see from the pictures, it is a beautiful place, filled with spring flowers and budding plants. The peacocks were guarding their nests with loud shrieks; the pounding of the drums reverberated through the gardens. The day started beautifully with a promise of temperatures in the 80s. The park was filled with people, all enjoying the sunshine, the gardens, and blue skies. It was perfection.

Later, at home, and sitting out in the backyard, I started reading the flurry of Cowbird stories about the winter weather many of our writers were experiencing. The same types of posts, and pictures, were also on Facebook. This is my response to all those stories:

>>I’m sitting out back, on the greenhouse pad, in a wicker chair, wearing capris, and my feet, in tennis shoes, are propped up on the low wall. I’m reading posts, blogs, and stories written by people who woke up to snow-encrusted landscapes this morning while I listen to the neighbors’ air conditioners come on. Although feeling a bit guilty, I am loving this wonderful weather, here in California, under a pear tree in Fresno.<<

For all of you wondering where spring is, it is here, in California. You are certainly welcome to visit it.

Weather changes-medicine changes

There must be a change coming in our weather. My head is hurting this morning, and because I have lots I want to do today, I took an Imitrex. For a few moments, while it “kills” the migraine, the medicine makes me feel wonky and a bit slow. However, by the time the the med wears off, the headache will be gone and I will feel my usual self, ready to tackle the day.

My migraines are triggered by sinus pressure and sometimes just taking an Excedrin will relieve the inflammation and make everything right with the world, plus it gives me a kick with its caffeine. Excedrin has been pulled from the store shelves, though, since January and when I seek information about its return, all I seem to find is bits and pieces about why it was pulled and little about getting the supply back on track. Very annoying as I find the generic not as good. Years ago a pharmacist told me that most generics have different (cheaper) fillers than the real stuff. Most of the time it’s not a problem, but some of the fillers don’t agree with me.

So, what’s on today’s agenda? Grocery shopping, cooking, jazz hop on the mall, and a tweet-up at the local ball park. Maybe some laundry, too, if I feel up to it.