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How did it get to be May 11?

I almost wrote May 10 for the title of this post and then realized we just finished  another night so it’s a new day. The time is flying by. We have not been at home  this past week and the next few weeks will be much the same.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is getting ready for a major renovation and will close for three years beginning June 2. A major photography exhibit by Garry Winogrand has been at SFMOMA the last few weeks and one we really wanted to see. Winogrand died in 1984 with over 4,000 undeveloped rolls of film sitting in black plastic bags. Another 2,000 rolls had been developed into contact sheets but not edited. All of this work was culled to be included in this exhibit. It was amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing it. Just as we completed our tour of the fourth floor exhibit, the fire alarm sounded and we



were evacuated from the building. Since it was free Tuesday, we decided we had gotten our money’s worth and went on to enjoy the Yerba Buena Gardens which are across the street from the museum.



A lovely spot for lunch in Yerba Buena Gardens

A lovely spot for lunch in Yerba Buena Gardens


Yerba Buena Gardens

Yerba Buena Gardens

Catching up with the weekend

Although I wrote some posts about the Microfinance 2010 Conference, there were a few pieces of the weekend that were still lying around.  So wanted to share those pictures with you.

The conference was held at Yerba Buena Gardens and Metreon.  It made for a beautiful setting.

Breakfast on top of the city

Maria Shriver, California’s First Lady, along with the head of Kiva were the opening speakers.  Even though I sat up close to the stage, on an aisle seat, I still had trouble getting a good picture.  There were so many others jockying for a picture.

After all of my conference duties were finished, Terry and I went to a movie, “Exit Through the Gift Shop.”  We came out to a cold, windy evening, and these great views:

upper level of the Embarcadero Center

Looking out on the Financial District

Ran across the street to our neighborhood Starbucks and got an assortment of goodies.  Starbucks is the reason for the demise of the neighborhood bakery.  Look at all the good stuff I can get:

Now, it’s back to school for the last three weeks.

Good Food, Good Times, Good Cause

Getting last minute directions

Although I had not originally planned to attend the Taste of Microentrepreneurship event at the Yerba Buena Garden, I answered a request to help with the event  and so got to see, firsthand, these fantastic food entrepreneurs who work through La Cocina.

La Cocina is an incubator kitchen for small food startups, many of them women-run businesses.  The food for the Taste of Microentrepreneurship was provided by five outstanding businesses who got their start with La Cocina:

Chaac-Mool, Estrellita’s Snacks, El Buen Comer, Kika’s Treats, and Coconut & Spice.

Yerba Buena East Garden

My job was to help out at Kika’s booth which had these fantastic palm sugar caramels.  Kika (Cristina Besher) explained to me that palm sugar is the best kind of sugar in that it is the lowest in glycemic index, meaning that it slowly trickles glucose into your blood stream and keeps your energy levels balanced.  That means it’s good candy that is good for you.  I ate three of the caramels.

As the evening grew busy with about 200 attendees, I switched over to the Coconut & Spice booth and helped make these great appetizers from Malaysia.  The demand was so great that we could hardly keep the trays filled with these tasty vegan pastries made with jicama, carrot, and turmeric.  Everyone loved them and wanted seconds or thirds.

If you need an event catered, you really should check with La Cocina and request more information on these great food entrepreneurs.  You and your guests will be pleased