Missing my multitasking mojo

I have always been a multitasking phenom. I can listen to and keep up with four conversations at once. I can watch tv, work on the computer, and talk to Terry, all at the same time. I can cook, bake, prepare three or more dishes in my tiny kitchen in one afternoon.

Well, I COULD do these multitasking feats until a year or so ago. What has happened to my multitasking mojo? I can keep up with only two conversations now. I can watch tv and read, but conversation is lost. And cooking more than one thing at a time is getting to be difficult. What gives?

On Saturday I attended a luncheon with a group of friends. We stopped, on our way home, at a popular strawberry stand that I never get to because it’s on the other side of town. Taking advantage of this stop, I bought a flat of berries-12 baskets. Getting home with all these fresh berries late in the afternoon, I knew they needed to be processed immediately as they are a variety with short shelf life. I decided to make jam.

All other tasks came to a screeching halt for the rest of the day. I had to put all my attention to those berries and jam jar preparation. I should have been able to make caramels at the same time as it all takes place in the same space, but no, all I did was make 6 half pint jars of strawberry jam.


So, what difference does it make that I didn’t make caramels? These bunnies are accompanying me to Ladies Who Lunch sans caramels.

Just empty bags. I’ll try to explain about losing my ability to get it all done. It’s a bit frightening, though, to think this may be the new normal for me.



3 responses to “Missing my multitasking mojo

  1. I think your story about your failure to make the caramels will be much more appreciated by the Ladies Who Lunch than the actual caramels. I certainly can identify with your story, and I do appreciate it. Love the bunnies!

  2. I never could multi task, don’t feel bad, you are still way ahead of the pack!

  3. Oh, those bunny baskets are adorable! You could always buy caramels, you know, and decide that maybe you are mortal like the rest of us! 🙂

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