January 2022 is coming to a close

It’s the last week of January. This month has passed in a blur. Maybe it’s just been all that I’ve tried to cram into my weeks.

Along with the usual chores I’ve had a couple of medical appointments. I’ve returned to Columbia with stories for first and second graders. I planned, prepped, and carried out a larger-than-usual coffee fellowship after church. I met with some of the Ladies Who Lunch for a Saturday koffee klatch. I started putting together tax materials but haven’t opened the software yet to enter all the data. There have been some Facetimes with our kids. The preschool board meeting was on Zoom, so that helped, but I’m taking on a new committee responsibility and there has been a myriad of details that needed attention.

It’s been cold and foggy. Not good for my mood. Seems like I can do more when my mood is lighter. It’s dark when we get up in the mornings and I hit the floor running to accomplish the day’s activities. I’m ready to fall into bed by 8 p.m. and am sound asleep in minutes.

Next week is February, one of my most favorite months of the year. It’s a short month. It’s our anniversary month. It’s Valentines and Ground Hog Day and the 100th day of school. The days get longer and we get Lincoln’s birthday and President’s Day as holidays. Not as big a deal now that I’m retired, but I remember how I loved all those 4-day weeks when I was teaching. The happiness still shines through when February comes about. The daffodils will show up. The pear tree will bloom.

Our city is dealing with a crisis in medical care and education institutions due to the omicron strain of COVID-19. Hospitals and schools don’t have enough healthy workers to run well. It’s similar in other businesses, too. My credit union has made a large banner saying that service may be slow due to a shortage of employees. We all need to slow down, give grace, and be willing to wait for everything. I’m looking forward to February.

15 responses to “January 2022 is coming to a close

  1. You have had a busy January. I too am looking forward to February and hoping it brings many good things to everyone.

  2. We recently picked up take-out from a favorite (Thai) restaurant and did not recognize a single person. It is family- and chef-owned, but I suspect they have all been out sick.

  3. I am currently incapacitated by a hip problem, and trying to stay positive when the low fog hangs around doesn’t make it easy. I am taking your advice and looking forward to February!

  4. Your blog is a great reminder for everyone to practice patience and gratitude.

  5. Elizabeth Rogers

    Your schedule sounds a lot like mine 15 years ago (I was 70). Now? Not so much. I had to give up my gig with a cat rescue/rehoming nonprofit after 10 years as an adoption counselor. I’m no longer able to wrestle a resistant 17 lb. kitty into the upper cages or keep track of/chase down adventurous kittens. I still do a little admin work for them but that’s all. Then, of course, there’s COVID which closed the in-store adoption center for 6 months in 2020 and has changed the way it operates for the duration–however long that may be.

    It’s cold and foggy here, too. I’ll soon be on my way to today’s “outside adventure”–curbside pickup of groceries. If we make it through February without another snow event like we had over Christmas, we should be good to go for the rest of this year (no guarantee, though, since it has been known to snow in March). Still, I’m looking forward to March for that reason.

    Our hospitals are also overrun, largely by unvaccinated COVID patients, and extremely short staffed. Officials are urgently requesting residents NOT to go to the ER unless it’s absolutely a life-threatening emergency. Common grocery items are often out of stock. Strange times. It is what it is.

  6. No fog here, but you would NOT like our frigid temperatures. Last night and tonight there will be dangerous lows, and the days barely get to the freezing mark. Like you, I’m counting the days until January is over.

  7. There’s definitely no fog here in Melbourne at the moment- we are however having really high temps at the moment….36c/96f today humid with storms forecast – and more to come over the next few days. After successfully beating off covid outbreaks last year this new Omicron strain has definitely done a number on us, just like everywhere else in the world it’s put a strain on everything causing problems galore. Your last paragraphs what is going on here as well.

    January seems to have flown by – it’s been a quiet ‘soft’ month of lazy days. This is the time when things close for the summer, the school year begins this Friday and then from Feb 1 it will be all go when (hopefully) all my clubs/activities begin again. There’s so much to look forward to but I’m not sure I’d call February my favourite month…it’s the last month of summer and from then o it’s all downhill 😊

    • Summer months are so wonderful. I love them all, even hot July. I’m envious of you having summer while we are in a very cold dark winter. Guess I should have made life plans when I was young to spend December-February in the Southern Hemisphere during my lifetime.

  8. You certainly have a lot to do, which means you are not bored! Keep going!

  9. Elizabeth Rogers

    It’s not as easy to “keep going” after a certain point. I really never thought I’d hang around long enough to become “less abled”, but guess what? I have! My body won’t always do what I want it to (and what it did relatively easily even a few years ago). Still, I do the best I can.

  10. Life in New Zealand is all “messed up” right now with the Omiron just starting to get a grip on the community – for once in these few years, the source isn’t just confined to my region. Rather people travelling to weddings, funerals and festivals.

    I don’t actually understand the “gov’t plan” on the way forward other than we all, fell back in to the “new RED” protocol which has new claws (oops restrictions) that the “old RED” didn’t have. I’m minding my own business.

    I’ve not been out much, nor been at events – one was cancelled this week as a “location of covid interest” was too close to our group..

  11. Almost every store is having staff shortages here. I don’t know where everyone went and what they are doing to make money? I’m baffled at that. We are in crisis care for medical as well.

  12. When I taught school, I always thought January and February were good times to dig in and really get some learning going. I wonder what it’s like now with some students online and others in the building. What a mess!

    • It’s not easy for teachers right now but they are working hard to keep classes going and children learning. I am very impressed with the teachers where I volunteer. They have remained joyful.

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