Taking care of Mrs. Zody

Each week I email the first and second grade teachers, telling them about the book I will be reading, any special details about what we will be doing, and including PDFs of worksheets.

This week I wanted to let them know about the treat I was bringing–a plastic egg with a chocolate egg–for each student. This is the only time all year that I bring something for the students to eat. I always leave the eggs with the teachers to pass out in a method they want. I read It Wasn’t My Fault the week before spring break as there is an egg in the story, perfect for this time of the year and perfect for handing out a plastic egg with candy.

I included a note this week that I would be coming without my mask but would be happy to wear one if the teacher wanted me to. It’s been a month since California ended the mask mandate for schools and most students and teachers have stopped wearing their masks. Each week I saw fewer masks. The county’s case load has dropped and we are now rated in the low zone. I’m trusting my vaccines to take care of me. None of the teachers wrote back asking me to wear a mask, but I took one just in case.

Good thing. In the third class, when I walked in, maskless, one student who was masked, raised his hand and asked where my mask was. I asked him if he would like me to wear my mask. “Yes, we don’t want you to get sick.”

As you can guess, I put on the mask and continued with the story. All of the kids lined up and hugged me as I was leaving.


8 responses to “Taking care of Mrs. Zody

  1. That is so sweet about your mask…

  2. DrumMajor in Kansas

    Future doc in that little kid! Linda in Kansas

  3. Those kids love you… you are blessed and you spread so much love and knowledge to them. Blessings to you…

  4. ….and too I read Bronwyn Harris’s last entry. Thank you both.

  5. I always have a mask in my purse in case I need one.

    • I go so few places that it’s really not been an issue. Usually I’m wearing one, but now that I have backed off some I’m thinking I should have one available. I always keep a spare in the car, but the purse is a good idea, too.

  6. Most considerate to defer to student’s wishes.

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