At the carwash

It had been awhile since my car was washed. Terry will sometimes take my car, especially if it needs a smog check as our favorite carwash company has an authorized station for that, but this year’s registration didn’t require the smog check, so my car didn’t get its usual mid-summer wash.

It has been so long since I had been into the carwash that changes had been made. I didn’t know the various levels of wash, and even though I originally chose the better out of the good, better, best selections of past visits, it turned out what I really wanted was best because I wanted a wax applied. I specifically requested “NO FRAGRANCE” for the interior.

I am old enough to remember when I got my car washed, at this same purveyor of clean cars, for $1.50. The company once had gas pumps so I always filled up when I got the wash. The pumps are no longer there. I have to get gas somewhere else. We won’t talk about those prices. The price of the carwash was enough to make my eyes “bug out.” $33.99. Due to previous visits, I had two $1 discount coupons, bringing the cost down to $31.99. Then, there was the $5 tip I left with the attendant who dried and polished everything.

So, the car, inside and outside is now clean. The dust has been washed away, the tree sap wiped from the windshield, the interior dusted and fingerprints removed. However, remember that request I made, up there in the second paragraph? No fragrance? As I got in to drive away, I nearly gagged. There was this awful fake cherry smell inside the car. I rolled down all the windows (something I never do while on the road) and turned the fan on high.

I was furious. As I stopped for all the other errands, each time I came back and opened the car, there was that noxious smell. This morning I went to the garage to load some items into the car and was hit by the smell. I opened all the windows and hope the garage air smell will waft in to displace the fakey cherry smell.

I have never had this happen in all the years I have frequented that carwash, which is well over 40. My request for no fragrance has always been honored. Times have changed.


21 responses to “At the carwash

  1. DrumMajor Linda in Kansas

    Check under the front seats front edges on the floor. Some car washes put a little square of white material under the seat for the “scent.” My Charlie’s Car Wash went up to $50 for the total inside and outside treatment. So I won’t be going very often and have one of those long handled devices to clean the inside of my front windshield. Linda in Kansas

  2. Testing. . .WordPress locked me out for some unknown reason . If this goes through, I’ll follow with a comment

  3. Y-A-A-Y. It went through so I guess I did something that reopened my ability to comment. I have no idea what it was. SO frustrating, and WordPress apparently does not have a Help Desk.

    Anyway. . .our adult son confronts the 2022 car wash for me 2-3X/year. I would probably have no clue what to do. He’s never brought it back with a cherry scent–yuck! Hope it disappears soon. And I can’t even believe the price!!

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I checked as I left school, after getting your response, and didn’t see anything under the seats. But I could still smell the yucky cherry. After getting home I got fragrance samples in an Ulta catalog so put them in the car hoping to overpower the carwash fragrance. That’s when I saw a tiny metal rod attached to the seat slider on the passenger side. It was a magnet and startled me until I thought of your message and then smelled it. Sure enough, there was the yucky smell! Who would have guessed. Thanks again for heading me in the right direction.

  4. Sigh. Everything is going up, but you always hope your preference will be honored, at any price. Glad you found the culprit, thanks to a fellow commenter. 🙂

  5. WordPress made me change my username (and password) before I could even get in to make a comment; my previous name was “Elizabeth Rogers” and had been for quite a while. So much I don’t get about how tech actually works! Guess I’m “EAR37” from this day forward.

    • LOL…is EAR your initials?

      • Yup. I was SO frustrated by dealing with both Xfinity and WordPress on the same day! I just used the simplest thing that wasn’t already taken by somebody else. It took more than 10 tries just to find a new username. It all started when I tried calling to cancel an in-person appointment we had at Xfinity so that I could buy a new cellphone. Xfinity Does. Not. Have. a working phone number for the local store. I tried to cancel online, but suffice it day, I’ll never try THAT again.

      • Can one edit a comment in WordPress? The last line should read “online, but suffice it TO SAY, I’ll never try THAT again”. I don’t see an “Edit” button or option.

      • I do my think you can edit on someone else’s blog.

  6. How frustrating that they ignored your no fragrance wishes. I hope you contact the company and let them know about the issue.

    • I’m going to let this slide as the company has always been too-notch, and I did find the scent culprit and took it out. I’m thinking it’s an employee situation. The person who wrote up the order was no where near what I’ve encountered at that checkin spot before, nor were there many employees oh th e premises as there usually is. Finding employees has become a big problem here. Many restaurants have either closed or reduced hours because they can’t find people to work. Our unemployment rate is at 3 percent, the lowest I have ever known.

  7. Speaking of car washes, when I had my car in the shop to get the bumper fixed, when I came back, I found they’d not only fixed the bumper but had washed the car!! They didn’t do the inside, but I was so appreciative of the cleanliness of the outside. Such a pleasant surprise!

    • When I had my Saturn and Subaru serviced at the dealership, they always washed the exterior. But the dealership changed hands and the new company not only didn’t do the wash but also charged exorbitant prices so I changed to Terry’s mechanic who does an excellent job but no car wash.

  8. Wow, that is expensive for washing a car. Someone did not pay attention to what you did not want shame on them. I hope the fragrance fades away soon.

  9. that’s a sneaky addition that provides continuous “fragrance” – I expect they don’t see it as “not required” but is part of the car detailing…

  10. Oh my gosh! I had no idea car washing had gone up so much. Art always waits for it to rain and sticks our car out in the open for it to be wet. Then he goes out and cleans it off. So far so good.

    • You have lots of rain, so that works. In a drought-stricken lane? Not so much. Probably another reason for the high cost—lack of water. They’ve had to put in new technology.

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