Stormy weather California style

It was a really packed week last week. The weekend was busy but also cold and stormy. Cold and stormy for California, any way.

Between Saturday and Sunday we had an inch of rain, cold winds, hail, a rainbow late Sunday afternoon. We need the rain, so no complaints. I didn’t want to go anywhere on Saturday, so no complaints. Sunday’s storm didn’t hit until after we got home from church. We even stayed dry while at lunch with a group from church at one of those big, old, country diner places that serves BIG portions. Terry and I brought home enough leftovers to feed us for two days!

We were a much smaller than expect group at lunch. Although eight of us WERE there, we were missing another eight. One lady had just returned from a cross-country trip and didn’t feel up to it. Another family has a member who just entered hospice after a long siege of cancer. Another couple and their son were absent because the wife and mother has been hospitalized. I never was able to track down the reason, but she has had some serious health issues as of late.

We are, as I have previously written, an elderly congregation. Thirteen of our members passed away in 2022. We can be sad at times and need some bolstering. There were four children in the congregation yesterday who joined me on the platform for the children’s lesson–salt and light from the sermon on the mount and how we help care for and preserve one another and light the way for others. Our faithful life can be a beacon and a saving presence when the world looks dark. One girl held the salt, her sister held the (flash)light and when each one heard their word, they were to hold up the object they held. It was pretty funny as I had to get their attention, repeat the word a few times, but they always came through and the congregants loved it. Who gets more from these lessons, the kids or the grownups?


7 responses to “Stormy weather California style

  1. I love the children’s sermons at our church, too. Yesterday our pastor had a light hidden in a box and wondered how could the light help us, if it is in the box. Simple and true.

  2. I would love to be a congregant in your church, since you so often find a way to make your adventures somehow uplifting. I loved hearing about this. đŸ™‚

  3. It’s been raining over here too. Art and I have been up to our ears with things that need to get done. We have a trip to get ready for, computer work that needs to get done. I’m getting stressed. And then my mom got a huge, awful looking wound on her arm. Sigh….

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