Want to age in place? There’s an app for that

This article is in today’s Fresno BEE:

New apps target elderly who want to live at home alone

Tech companies have made hundreds of gadgets and applications for smart-phone-addicted teenagers and young professionals. But now, there’s technology just for grandparents.

New online and mobile services to help aging adults live alone in their own homes and ease the burden on their caregivers are cropping up. From in-home sensors that monitor when a senior leaves the house or takes medicine, to wireless technology that allows elderly patients to get medical treatment without leaving home, this emerging technology can dramatically improve lives for seniors and entire families, according to tech business leaders and experts on aging.

Silicon Valley companies have the chance to create technology with a greater social impact, and probably get just as rich as they would building a video game or shopping app, said David Lindeman, director of the Center for Technology and Aging in Oakland.

4 responses to “Want to age in place? There’s an app for that

  1. Great article. This was the kind of stuff I planned to do with The Raisin Chronicles before life intervened. Okay, school and my inability to stay focused intervened. Anyway, good stuff!

  2. I’m glad to know there is an upside to all this technology. Being older means it doesn’t come naturally, and I miss the old days.

  3. This is wonderful, and I intend to check it out. David and I are two older senior living in our house. Dianne

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