Keeping it all in the 70s

Kathy in Missouri and Gigi in Hawaii have been doing home remodeling and posting about the makeovers. There have been bathroom improvements in both places and for a moment I was envious. Gigi posted pictures of a new bathroom cabinet that is very attractive, and I realized our current bathroom cabinet had been moved here from our tiny, one-bath condo 34 years ago. I jokingly commented to Gigi that I should post pictures of my old cabinet in juxtaposition to her new model. Then I went and did just that.


IMG_7664.JPG Upon closer inspection, I realized the 37-year old cabinet is still doing a fine job. This house has much more cabinet space than the condo did so I never put a second cabinet in the hall bath. It would have gone here:

IMG_7667.JPG Instead, I use the cabinets under this sink, just like in the master bath:

IMG_7669.JPG For now, I am quite happy with my 70s bathrooms and won’t be making any changes. They may not be stylishly up-to-date, but they serve our needs very well.


10 responses to “Keeping it all in the 70s

  1. I hear you. My bathrooms are from the ’50s. Sometimes I think about how nice they would look updated but everything works fine for me with plenty of storage. I may get ambitious one of these days!

    • 50s is now considered mid-century and becoming quite popular. I love some of the tile combinations from that decade. I’m learning that it is more important to live with what works than just trying to keep up with the newest style.

  2. Our house was built in the 80s, and the quality of some of the items just wasn’t there. Left on my own inertia probably would have kept us from doing anything, but when tiles started falling out and things started leaking we decided to kill two birds with one stone and update.

    Now, I’ll have to go look at Gigi’s 🙂

    • Tiles falling and leaking faucets are not good things. Funny how those houses built in the 50s still have the tile strongly attached to the wall, as is ours built later in the 70s. I have a lose tile in the kitchen, on the wall next to the built-in oven. I’m assuming the heat has made it come lose.

  3. The old cabinets like you have are the same as the ones in my apartment, which I rent so am forced to be happy with. However, I have considered getting one of those over-the-toilet numbers with shelves that give more places to put items (and more space for dust to accumulate). 🙂

  4. I should post before and after pictures of our seventies bathrooms. The downstairs one was unusable. Couldn’t reach into the cupboards. Upstairs, if you shut the door, mold grew…dry rot too. Downstairs we put in a beautiful pedestal sink and a used but well made corner cupboard. We could actually get in those shelves. 🙂

    • I’m assuming you mean having to squat to get into the cabinets? Yes, I do have to squat to get items from the cabinets, same thing in the kitchen, but I don’t think anything of it. Guess cabinets have always been that way.

  5. I am anxious to get started on redoing David’s shower. That’s next.

  6. Your cupboards are functional, that’s the main thing.

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