Writing about writing

What to write about?

When to write?

Who reads this?

All questions I am pondering this Sunday morning. Beautiful morning that it is. The sun is streaming in, lighting up the dining room wall as I eat breakfast and read the Sunday newspaper. As I read a few columns and opinion pieces, my mind wanders to this blog and those questions start rattling around in my head. Perhaps I will write this post like I do my journal entries, just throw the words on the paper (computer screen in this case) and see what lands and sticks.

What to write about…I am all over the place with this but seldom do I go very deep or allow much of my internal voice to be heard. It seems most posts are about what we are doing around here. Work, recreation, grandchildren, friends. Sometimes I will post about the anguish I’m feeling over a certain event, but I try not to get too maudlin.

When to write…many bloggers have a schedule and they stick to it. Two days a week, every other day, only on weekdays. Again, I’m all over the place. I write whenever the notion hits. Again, much like I do with my journal. Most weeks I am too busy to write every day even though ideas pop into my head. I love to read other blogs on a daily basis and leave my words on those pages rather than putting them on my own. I take so many pictures every day, thinking I’ll write about what I just photographed, but later, when looking at the picture, I decide it’s too mundane for a blog post but okay to put on Instagram or Facebook. I’m doing less and less on Facebook and more on Instagram so I can just have a place for all those photos. I figure my Facebook audience doesn’t care to see so many photos.

Which brings me to that last question…who reads this…probably my biggest question. Although I love to write about anything and everything, one is taught to write for an audience. I must be doing a very poor job of this. My numbers over the years have stayed pretty much the same. I get a few new readers yet I think others may drop away. Lots of “views,” but very few comments which makes me think I don’t do a good job of engaging the reader. I will read other blogs and be amazed at all of the comments.

Time is up. I gave myself a few minutes to get this written and now I must go put on my face and get into wardrobe for today’s “role.”


16 responses to “Writing about writing

  1. I enjoyed this post, Delaine, and I think you can write just about anything at all and I would enjoy it. I love your posts about the chaplain duties and the kids, but they all resonate with me. Just keep on pounding those keys! 🙂

    • Thank you, DJan. I have 6 more weeks of school chaplain for this year. I am assuming I will be back next year as no one has said they don’t want me to return. One of the 5 teachers with whom I work will be retiring. Her replacement may not be as receptive.

  2. You write well. What to write bothers many bloggers it seems. Just be yourself.

  3. Think back to the beginning; that’s what I do.
    Why did I start the blog? I wanted to record my thoughts.
    What did I mean to say? Just that.
    My intended audience? I had no idea how that worked.
    I’ve tried writing for others, but it doesn’t read as “real” to me, and I haven’t been able to make myself do it very often.
    Thank you for sharing what you feel comfortable to share.

    • I started blogging 7 years ago so as to gain some online presence as I was told I needed that if I wanted to change careers. Well, the blog probably didn’t add much to that presence, but rather my other social media made quite a few connections for me.

      When I started blogging, I was still in the classroom and shared much of my teaching experience. Then I moved to San Francisco and shared the adventures of living in a famous city. Today I’m back in Fresno, and sort of back in the classroom, but with little people rather than high school students.

      The audience question has me stumped. I really do wonder who comes by and reads the words I throw out there. The stats show readers are coming, but I’ve no idea who they are or what they think.

  4. I like to read whatever you decide to put here. I don’t always comment because I haven’t logged in at WordPress very often, and today I happen to already be in for G+. I love the stories about the Chaplain and children because I work for our public school system. You do what is good for yourself, and let us appreciate your efforts

    • Diane, how nice to hear from you. The other day I was holding one of the bookmarks you crocheted and sent to me a few years back & wondered how you were doing.

  5. Sometimes I feel the same way.

  6. I enjoy writing and have published 3 memoirs, so blogging is relatively easy. Usually, the view counts are much higher than the number of comments.

  7. “but seldom do I go very deep or allow much of my internal voice to be heard.”
    Perhaps you need to put yourself our there. We are not a judgmental group. So, yes, use you internal voice. Let us know who you really are. What you really think.

  8. It’s nice to hear what you are doing, and I do get more of a sense of who you are through your writing than you might imagine.

  9. Yours is one of the few blogs I read. Probably because yours is one of the few blogs that talk about real day-to-day life, which I find interesting, rather than a soap box for political opinions, etc. You said something about writing for an audience, but my blog is more like a diary — me talking to myself or face-to-face to a good friend. I have no counter, so no idea who and how many read it. Plus, other than yourself and one or two others, I get few comments. I don’t necessarily post daily, just when I have something on my mind. And lately, every time I post, I think to myself that I’m all out of words, nothing much is going on and I have nothing more to say. Then, all of a sudden, something begins to churn in my head and I need to get it out, as I don’t like stuff in my head. I like to stay clear and blogging allows me do that inasmuch as I live alone and pretty much keep myself to myself.

  10. I’m going through a bit of a writing logjam right now myself. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it, but all of a sudden I’ll get a multitude of ideas or phrases that are dying to be used in a blog post and I’m off again.

  11. And see look at how many comments this thoughtful post has generated! I agree that it’s hard to set a schedule for writing. When it hits, you have to go with it. I’ve really been experimenting with just sitting down and beginning, to see what comes up. It’s fun, and sometimes disappointing. Just gotta keep on writing, no matter what!

  12. I follow your blog and read every post. I just don’t comment much.

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