When the calendar opens up

Once school days are over for me, I have few obligations each week. The days of the calendar are wide open and ready to be filled. Since he knew this was my first “free” week, Terry decided it would be a good time to fill in a day with the colonoscopy the doctor had ordered at his physical a few weeks ago. She also ordered a heart scan, but he could drive himself to that appointment. A colonoscopy requires a driver–that’s me.

We were up early this morning as he had to finish the “prep” and be at the office by 8. Although he was using the same gastro doc as before, the location for the procedure had changed. Neither of us had done a trial run, but we knew the general vicinity of the place. We gave ourselves a half hour to get there, due mainly to commuter traffic, but once we found the building, we had no idea where the actual location within the building was the clinic.

We parked on the north side, walked through this large skyscraper (for Fresno that means 6 floors), and didn’t see the office we needed. After asking for help, we found that the office wasn’t IN the building, but on the outside. Glad we had started early as we walked in right at 8. Because of the location, I had to move the car to the south side of the building once Terry was settled in.

All went well, and the doctor spent maybe 45 seconds telling us how very healthy Terry is and to continue with what he does. The next guy wasn’t so lucky. The doctor was with him and his wife for about 15 minutes.

After showing him all the pictures, the doctor declared, “You have to eat more fiber. That means lots of fruits and vegetables.”

The guy mumbled something about taking capsules to which the doctor replied, “you would need 60 of those capsules a day to get the fiber you need. Do you really want to take 60 capsules of anything a day?”

The patient and his wife mumbled some more and the doctor said, “your mother died from this, you should be concerned. Healthy eating is your best medicine.” More was said, but I lost interest as I was pretty sure the doctor was talking to the wall. The patient would continue to do what he wanted. I’ve seen too many of these cases.

After they left, with Terry still recovering in the bed, I looked at him and said, “see, all that healthy eating pays off.”


5 responses to “When the calendar opens up

  1. Good that Terry’s colonoscopy went so well!

  2. Congratulations, Terry. Aloha from Hawaii.

  3. Glad you got that done! And that you found the place in plenty of time. Well, on time at least. 🙂

  4. That healthy eating does pay off. About 20 years ago, the doctor found several polyps when he did my husband’s colonoscopy. He started eating a lot more fiber, including oat bran muffins that he makes. He’s been clean ever since. Glad your husband had a good outcome.

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