Should you go out in public after eating an onion sandwich?

It really is a legitimate question. My lunch today was a sandwich made of heirloom tomato, red leaf lettuce, red onion, sopressata, on a very substantial hoagie roll. Terry and I have a networking event to attend later this evening. I may sit in a corner and try not to talk!

Yesterday I spent the day at Fresno State University at an event sponsored by The Richter CenterFall Community Service Opportunities Fair, where students can learn about and sign up for a myriad of volunteer activities. I was representing Fresno Historical Society with the goal of finding young people who will volunteer to work at the Civil War Revisited which will be held again in October at Kearney Park. I was partnered with the volunteer coordinator for the Historical Society, Randi, and during this time spent together, working, we found that we had a mutual love for really good food.

The Richter Center offered a Subway Sandwich box lunch if we wished to eat during the event, but neither of us felt much compulsion to order it. Randi flat out hates Subway, and I only eat it if there is just no other way to stave off hunger. Yesterday was not such a day. We both decided that stopping on the way home for one of our favorites, white cake, would be a better way to get our nutrition. Yes, we had discovered that we both LOVE good cake.

I called a few bakery type places that would be on our route home and found one that had white cake. It was very disappointing. Not moist. Probably a couple of days old. The frosting was certainly nothing to write home about so I won’t write about it here.

Back to the sandwiches–Randi and I both like really good sandwiches and rather particular about what goes into them thus the disinterest in Subway. But with all that talk about sandwiches, I really wanted a good one today. A really good sandwich might just wipe out the bad cake memory so I picked up some ingredients at Whole Foods today, including the red onion, came home and made that really good sandwich I described in the first paragraph.

Now, I’ve got to decide what to do about that event tonight and my onion breath.

5 responses to “Should you go out in public after eating an onion sandwich?

  1. I suspect you’re already at your evening’s event. Next time you’re worried about onion (or garlic) breath, chew a couple of sprigs of parsley. Works great.

    • That is a good idea. I brushed my teeth and chewed a piece of minty gum. Then went off to a Mexican buffet with beer. Still managed to do some mingling w/o offending anyone. There was mariachi players so no one could hear much conversation anyway.

  2. I would’ve given in to my craving too!

  3. I read that gum with xylitol, mint tea, parsley, mints would work. I’m sure all went well for you. 🙂

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