There are good aspects of aging

Terry and I were discussing aches and pains last night as we got ready for bed.

“Getting older isn’t too great,” Terry said. “It wasn’t like this when we were younger.”

I had to disagree. For me, life these past 7 years in retirement have been so much healthier than when I was younger. I no longer have severe menstrual cramps. My migraines can now be controlled with Imitrex, a drug that hadn’t even been invented in my 20s when the headaches were so excruciating that I missed days of work. The ache in my arthritic knee, caused by a fall in college, is almost nonexistent due to the knowledge of oregano oil’s power to keep the inflammation down. I know why my hands go numb and have a series of exercises to keep that from happening. Changing to a nearly plant-based diet has helped tremendously with any digestive ailments I once had in my younger years. A daily probiotic keeps the colds away that I had when I first started teaching.

I guess I’ve gotten smarter about my body and how to take care of it as I’ve gotten older. Seeing friends around me making poor health choices, and suffering the consequences, really rattled my cage and got me started to eat better, investigate more options, keep moving, and appreciate all that I have. I do know it can all change overnight.

We had a fierce wind storm here last week. Lots of palm fronds blew off the big tree out front. I was able to collect those and pile them next to the garage for Terry to cut up. A limb from the maple fell on the roof, and that took an extra effort. Terry had to bring out the ladder and get on top of the house to get it plus other smaller tree branches that had fallen during the winter. He also cleaned out the patio gutters while he was up there. That is what prompted last night’s conversation about aches and pains. He was wondering how much longer he could do that.

“Oh, you can do it another 20 years, if we stay here that long.”

“I’ll be almost 90 so I don’t think it would be smart to be clamoring around on the roof.”

“You’re limber enough, and if you keep taking care of yourself, you’ll be able to do it.’

I believe in the power of positive thinking. And also the power of daily exercise!

Addendum: Another reason I love being retired, I have time to do things with others, especially early in the mornings. As my dear Readers know, I don’t attend many evening events, but I’m up early to go out, and Wednesday was one of those days. It was the monthly Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation breakfast, and I wanted to hear their guest speaker, Mary Castro, the wife of Fresno State’s president. She has done some remarkable things in her position and she always delivers an inspiring message. Terry does the photos for these meetings, so I got included in one of his pictures:

These ladies at my table were from the American Lung Association and Century 21 Real Estate. The realtor and I had quite the conversation about zip codes of poverty in Fresno and what we are doing to make things a little bit better. After the breakfast I headed to Columbia to do my little bit.


9 responses to “There are good aspects of aging

  1. Glad you are enjoying your retirement, that in itself is a blessing!

  2. I have been retired for almost nine years now and have enjoyed these years so much that I have almost forgotten who I was “before.” But there does come a time when climbing a ladder isn’t the best option. Who knows when that is? I think Terry will know. 🙂

    • When still working, I remember wanting so much to just have time to sit and relax and think. I so appreciate having that time now. I am much calmer than I was when working and running at a gallop every single day. I worry, though, that Terry has slowed down too much in retirement. He loves to sit, for hours, and even though I enjoy sitting, I’m not doing it for hours on end.

  3. My body is just about where it was in my 20’s, awful, but spiritually I sure am a better person all around. 🙂

  4. I am glad that your digestive system has improved because of a plant based diet. I should try it, too, but I do enjoy being a carnivore.

  5. You have inspired me. Tell me more about the oregano oil. I’m so glad you have taken charge of your body by giving it healthy food. We are trying to make big changes around here in our eating. It is a slow process, but we are making progress.

    • It’s been years since I learned about oregano oil helping with inflammation. I started taking the capsules, which I get at Sprouts. You have to buy the ones with carvacrol 70. They are pricey, but have worked for me. I have a friend who gets good results with turmeric capsules for inflammation, but turmeric doesn’t agree with my system. Inflammation is a terrible thing for one’s body. Cutting out dairy and red meats help with that, too.

  6. You have the right attitude. I love retirement, too. What could be better? You put your feet on the floor in the morning, and determine your own day. Health is the biggest concern. We have to do everything we can to keep going. Nice blog. First time commenting.

  7. Do you read Heather Lende. You might enjoy her.

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