Coping skills

If anyone wants me

I’ll be over here

looking at my Pinterest boards

printing out pretty pictures

making collages

with scissors and glue

putting the world back together

the only way I know how.

19 responses to “Coping skills

  1. I hear you. I do it with walks and hikes.

  2. Sometimes all we can do is cope.

  3. I am cutting out a new quilt top.

  4. Now that’s my first laugh of the day.

  5. Yes and yes again. And thanks for your rec of Liz Nugent.

  6. You can find me in the kitchen.

  7. It’s been a difficult week and it’s not over. I’m nervous about what comes next. Maybe I should go cook something.

  8. Oh, your spare lines strike straight through to the soul! “Putting the world together/the only way I know how.” -Perfect.

  9. Yes, coping strategies is just what a body needs these days.

  10. Oh what a sweet, simple poem that I can so see in my mind’s eye! xo

  11. Like many other, my default for tough times is the kitchen. I loved your take on putting the world back together.

  12. I’m doing this by passing out books. And, like Ramona, in the kitchen. Loved this!

  13. So wonderful to find a creative way to move through this time.

  14. Oh, how I wish COVID was over, and I could be sitting with you working on this together.

  15. On pinterest, with words, and I’m sure with many other small and beautiful ways! Blessings to you.

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