A little movie entertainment for you

mqdefaultOn Thursday The Fresno Bee sent a photographer to the school where I volunteer to take photos of me eating lunch with the students. Well, he shot video, too, after listening to me tell the story of how I came to eat lunch with the kids. I’m not sure when the newspaper article will come out with the photos, but the video is now up and running on the Bee’s website.

So, if you would like to see and hear me, just click here.


8 responses to “A little movie entertainment for you

  1. That’s a great video Delaine, nice to see and hear you.

  2. You spoke very well on the video. I am impressed. You make me want to eat fresh fruit too.

  3. Well, that was fun. I wasn’t sure when I started watching it how good a job they would do, but I was impressed. Other than the cutsie music, it was great! 🙂

  4. OH wow! Delaine, you were wonderful! They are so lucky to have you encouraging the kids this way. I wish every school could have someone eating with the kids and being a friend and advisor to them. It’s fabulous to see and hear you.

    • Actually, many of the school chaplains eat lunch at their schools. It’s a great way to interact with the kids. I just wish there was more time for lunch.

  5. Very nice. Michelle Obama should make you her Lt. I like the way you roll your eyes at the end.

  6. Loved it! What a great thing you are doing! 🙂

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